Levington and Stratton Hall, Nacton

Freight Management Facility

Activity: Archaeology

We are undertaking preparatory works to ensure that the plant and associated developments can be built as safely and efficiently as possible, including the creation of a Freight Management Facility at Nacton, off the Old Felixstowe Road.

The Freight Management Facility is a core part of the Freight Management Strategy for Sizewell C: 40% of the materials needed to build Sizewell C will be delivered by road and the Freight Management Facility will be the main site for delivery check-ins, while ensuring that vehicles are only sent along the agreed route to site (north on the A12) when the traffic is clear and the site team is ready to accept delivery.

Works to create the Freight Management Facility will start in July and last for approximately 24 months. The works will involve creation of a new site access off Felixstowe Road, temporary compound, access track, earthworks and archaeology:

July 2023 – Surveys of local wildlife and ecology will be completed, including birds, bats and reptiles. A traffic management system will be installed on Old Felixstowe Road in front of the field that will become the Freight Management Facility, while the initial temporary entrance to the site is laid. This traffic management includes signs and the periodic use of traffic lights, which will remain green, when not required.

A temporary site entrance and site compound will be established and sections of the field will be fenced off.

August 2023 – February 2024
Low intensity excavation works will take place to support the archaeological work.
Low intensity vegetation clearance works will take place and ecology mitigations will be applied.

April 2024 – June 2025
Main construction works for the development of the Freight Management Facility will take place. As part of these works the field will be fenced off, a more substantial site compound will be established and a long-term traffic management system will be put in place.

June 2025 All temporary construction arrangements will be removed, and the facility will become fully operational.