Beach Landing Facility

Activity: Surveys

Start date: 20th May 2024

End date: 24th June 2024

CEFAS are completing surveys in this area: Two vessels will be used to do a bathymetric survey (measure the of the topography of the sea bed) for the whole of the area in the Sizewell Bay area, including the Sizewell-Dunwich Bank.

The offshore survey operations (including the sand bank) will be carried out from a 19.6m, grey hulled survey vessel called ‘Manor ‘Brunel’ using both multibeam echo sounder and side scan sonar equipment towed at behind the boat.

The nearshore (shallower) survey operations will be carried out from a twin hulled 7m catamaran called ‘Taran’ will involve the use of a just multibeam echo sounder towed behind the boat.

The data are needed to understand the topography of the seabed before construction starts on the beach landing facility.

This survey will take place for approximately one month, depending on weather conditions.