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Keep up to date on Sizewell C development work

Welcome to the Sizewell C Works Tracker.
This website has been designed to let you track significant works that are being undertaken as part of the development of Sizewell C on the Suffolk coast.

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How does the Sizewell C Works Tracker help you?

The Sizewell C Works Tracker is a convenient way to find the latest information on when and where works are taking place. It also lets you track the progress of work being undertaken. With a range of filters available it is easy to search for specific information by dates and times, parishes and specific types of work. It is our aim to accurately provide the key details so the information you need to know is simple to find during this period.

On the 'Track a Project' page, once you have selected your filters, the page will update to show you the requested information. When you make a new selection, the blue bar at the top of the page will let you see clearly the filters that are applied to your search. The information on the Sizewell C Works Tracker is updated regularly to reflect the live situation as we carry out our preparatory work.

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