Main Development Site

Activity: Site construction

Start date: 27th February 2023

End date: 1st September 2023

Contractors working for Sizewell C Co will be undertaking some ground anchor trials: The investigation work will consist of ground drilling anchors and stressing them to test the ground conditions.

The aim of the ground anchor investigation programme is to provide further information on the prevailing ground conditions to assist in the design of the scheme.

The work will be carried out over 9 weeks, commencing 27th February. The work will involve weekday work, between the hours of 08:00 – 18:00 but will be focused within the main daylight hours. There will be no overnight working.

During this period, the site will experience increased activity, but the majority of activity will be in fields away from any roads or access. Landowner permission has been secured to conduct this activity.

Please note: This does not constitute the start of any road works or construction.