Wetland habitat scheme

Activity: Ecological work

Start date: 26th June 2024

End date: 30th September 2025

As part of the Development Consent Order, we are creating three new compensatory habitats at sites in Benhall, Halesworth and Pakenham. These sites are part of a package of measures to protect and enhance local wildlife, which include our flagship ‘Wild Aldhurst’ nature reserve, created near Sizewell in 2014.

Works to create the Halesworth Fen Meadow will begin in June 2024, with the works completed in two phases:

July 2024 – September 2024: Construction of the site access, compound and archaeological works.

April 2025 – September 2025: Construction of the site to establish the Fen Meadow. Further details of this activity will be shared in due course.

The aim of these works is to create the specific ground conditions required for the establishment of Fen Meadow, which will be seeded and maintained by Sizewell C. The site will benefit a wide range of wildlife and will be an important natural legacy for generations to come.

To enable these works to be completed safely, Suffolk County Council will be implementing a parking suspension in the area: The parking on the southern edge of Blyth Road will be cordoned off with cones from late June 2024, with enforced parking suspensions from 3 July 2024 until 31 October 2024.