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Activity: Footpath diversions

Start date: 1st July 2024

End date: 30th September 2024

We are writing to inform you about our planned works on the foreshore at Sizewell beach.


As part of the Development Consent Order to construct a new power station in Sizewell, we are working to temporarily divert the coastal path that passes close to the site. This will allow us to create a temporary sea wall around the construction area.

To safely create the diverted path, we will begin erecting Heras fencing in a circular shape, to the east of the path (towards the sea). Within this fencing we will lay the new path.

The existing path will remain open and unobstructed until the new path is completed and open. Public access to the beach and coastal path will not be affected.

Access to the beach to create the path will be via the Sizewell C site.

Works to create the new footpath will commence on Monday 1 July and will last until approximately mid-September.

Once the new path is complete, the fencing to the east will be removed, the new path opened and the old path closed for temporary use during construction.