Beach Landing Facility

Activity: Surveys

Start date: 20th April 2024

End date: 1st June 2024

SIzewell C will be carrying out an unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey of the seabed ahead of the works that are required to be carried out as part of the construction of the power station.

These surveys will be conducted aboard the vessel FUGRO VALKYRIE, which will be using sonar equipment to scan the seabed in order to identify any UXO. These works are vital to help the design of the works required to construct the jetty for site logistics as well as identifying the locations for the bore holes. The bore holes will be drilled to support the design of the offshore works.

These surveys will commence on 20 April 2024 and will take place 7 days a week over a 6-week period, during light hours, weather permitting. We will be working within an area of 268.4 line kms, in the sea at Sizewell.