Main Development Site

Activity: Traffic Management

Start date: 29th May 2023

End date: 15th December 2023

Sizewell C are undertaking preparatory works to ensure that the plant and associated developments can be built as safely and efficiently as possible.

Earlier this year we commenced vegetation clearance to the North of the Kenton Hills Car Park to create a temporary access road to the Sizewell C site. The creation of this temporary access road will remove traffic from Bridleway 19 and cause less disruption for visitors. We are pleased to confirm that the temporary diversion on Bridleway 19 that was put in place to ensure public safety during this work has now been removed.

Work on the temporary access road to the Sizewell C site will continue and some traffic management will continue to be required on Lover’s Lane, but there will be no full road closures or diversions – only a single lane closure and two-way traffic lights to the west of the entrance to Bridleway 19 combined with a temporary speed restriction of 30mph. It is anticipated that this work will be completed in Autumn 2023.

All necessary work will be carried out under supervision of an Ecological Clerk of Works, including surveys for nesting birds, bats and badgers, which will be carried out in accordance with protected species licence conditions where they apply.