Campsea Ashe, Leiston-cum-Sizewell, Melton, Saxmundham, Woodbridge

Freight Management - Rail

We are undertaking live exercises to understand how to reduce possible disruptions when we begin using the railway line for construction activity. On Saturday 18 February, a Sizewell C trial train will operate overnight from Ipswich on the East Suffolk line to Saxmundham and on to the Sizewell Branch, to simulate proposed signalling upgrades to the East Suffolk and Sizewell Branch line.

The train will enter the single line at Saxmundham Junction and travel through to the level crossing at Saxmundham Road. All operated crossings on the Sizewell Branch will be attended and closed ahead of the passage of the train to allow the train to continue at a constant 10mph. The train will come to a stand at the level crossing as part of the trial requirements and the driver will change ends of the train and proceed back along the branch to Saxmundham and re-join the East Suffolk Line, back to Ipswich.

The train will pass Woodbridge at 01:22 on Saturday 18th February and be on the Sizewell Branch between 02:11 and 04:00, returning back past Woodbridge at 04:46.