Main Development Site

Activity: Ecological work

Start date: 1st February 2024

End date: 23rd February 2024

Heras fencing has been erected on the Sizewell C Main Development Site facing the beach, to the north of Sizewell B. Currently, ecology surveys and vegetation clearance are underway within the fenced area.

All necessary work will be conducted under supervision of an Ecological Clerk of Works, including surveys for nesting birds, bats and badgers, which will be carried out in accordance with protected species licence conditions where they apply.

When items of explosive ordnance (UXOs) are found, an exclusion zone is initiated and they are destroyed in a controlled explosion by qualified personnel. These exclusion zones may mean that we will need to close permissive paths for public safety. We endeavour to reopen these as swiftly as possible, but please be advised that your route may be redirected or take longer than usual while UXOs are removed. For further information on UXOs please see here: UXO Clearance – Sizewell C Works Tracker (